CARE Committee Requests

The Community Access Resources and Enrichment (CARE) Committee is a group within Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) whose goal is to enrich the lives of individuals who receive public mental health services. The CARE Committee is a staff charity fund separate from OCHN funding.

Individuals receiving services and service provider employees making a request on behalf of an individual can request funding from the CARE Committee for up to $250. Requests must be received one month prior to receiving funding. All requests are reviewed and approved by the CARE Committee on a monthly basis. Donations cannot be used for programs/services funded by Medicaid.

Housing Related Needs

The CARE Committee refers housing-related requests to our community partner, Community Housing Network (CHN). The Housing Resource Center is a free service and the best first step for anyone in a housing challenge. Trained specialists can help recommend options connecting callers to programs and resources to address housing needs. Visit the Housing Resource Center Website or call 248-269-1335.

To help Michigan families potentially at risk of eviction, Lakeshore Legal Aid created a 7.5-minute screencast on Michigan's Eviction Diversion Program. Watch the screencast to learn about Michigan's Eviction Diversion Program.


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