New Hire Face-to-Face Training

All employees must receive face-to-face, Basic Rights Training from the Office of Recipient Rights before they can work with anyone receiving services through the public mental health system. This training is required to be completed within the first 30 days of the employee's hire date.  Proof of this training will be provided by the Office of Recipient Rights in the form of a certificate. Click here to register for your New Hire Recipient Rights Training.

Online Annual Update Training/Test

The annual update test must be taken and passed, and a certificate must be printed to verify receipt of the annual update training. Click on the "Recipients Rights Training Presentation" link below to review the training material and complete the anual update test.

Recipient Rights Online Update Training Presentation/Test Link
(You must complete the training prior to taking the test. The test link is available at the end of the presentation.)

Due Process Training/Test

The Due Process test must be taken annually by the following employees:

      o   Case Manager or Supports Coordinator
      o   Case Manager or Supports Coordinator Supervisor
      o   Utilization Management Staff

All other public mental health employees/contractors must still complete the Recipient Rights and Due Process Annual Online Update training and test. 

Due Process Training Presentation/Test Link