Jonathan Landsman joined the Oakland Community Health Network Board in 2012.  Most recently, he was the Director of Product Management for Thomson Reuters in Ann Arbor, MI.

Mr. Landsman received his undergraduate degree from Grand Valley State and later completed his Masters of Business Administration at Wayne State University. For nearly half of his career, he focused on analyzing healthcare, from both a provider and consumer perspective.  By studying administrative and clinical data, analytics, and anecdotal evidence, he is able to pinpoint challenges on both a retrospective and prospective basis and seek out acceptable solutions to solve the issues.

He was previously involved in the development of Medicaid eligibility and the adoption of HIPAA, where he was a Chief Compliance Officer. Mr. Landsman has a strong understanding of the importance of protection when it comes to personal health information.

“OCHN is a forward thinking organization that doesn’t rests on its laurels,” explains Mr. Landsman. “The board, our organized service providers, and those who receive services continue to ask key questions that lead to successful strategies and inspire community growth.”