What happens if I am eligible for services?

If you qualify for services, you will be given a choice of providers and linked with the provider of your choice for an intake. Intake appointments occur no more than 14 days (if not sooner for adults), 7 days (if not sooner for children) after the screening determination is made. Special screening consideration is given to pregnant women and injecting drug users.

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1. Who is eligible for Community Mental Health services in Oakland County?
2. How do I request an Access screening to receive public health services through Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN)?
3. What is the process for a screening?
4. What paperwork will a person need prior to an Intellectual Developmental Access Screening?
5. How long does it take for a callback?
6. What happens if I am not able to answer the call when Access calls back?
7. What are the hours of the Access Department?
8. How long does an Access screening last?
9. Are Access screenings face-to-face?
10. Do Access screenings take place elsewhere in the community?
11. What can I expect during the screening process?
12. What happens if I am eligible for services?
13. What if I am not eligible for services?