What is the process for a screening?

Once an individual/family calls, our access and referral specialists collect demographic information to identify the individual/family's needs. If it is determined that an access screening is necessary, the referral specialist then checks on the availability of an access screener. If an access screener is not available, the individual/family is offered the opportunity to schedule an appointment with a screener or be added to the call back queue. SUD screenings are scheduled as soon as possible and upon contact. If an individual is having difficulty getting to the RCC for a face-to-face meeting, than a phone screening can be provided.

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1. Who is eligible for Community Mental Health services in Oakland County?
2. How do I request an Access screening to receive public health services through Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN)?
3. What is the process for a screening?
4. How long does it take for a callback?
5. What happens if I am not able to answer the call when Access calls back?
6. What are the hours of the Access Department?
7. How long does an Access screening last?
8. Are Access screenings face-to-face?
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10. What can I expect during the screening process?
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