Who is responsible for SEDW service coordination?

Once approved, the PIHP/OCHN is responsible for the oversight of SEDW service coordination. Youth will receive services and coordination of services from a Core Provider Agency contracted with OCHN to receive Wrap-Around and any other medically necessary service consistent with the Medicaid Provider Manual.

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1. What is a Serious Emotional Disturbance Waiver (SEDW)?
2. What are the criteria to receive a SEDW?
3. What screening tools are used to diagnose a SED and determine SEDW eligibility?
4. Who oversees SED waivers?
5. How do families apply for a SEDW?
6. Who is responsible for SEDW service coordination?
7. How are a child’s service needs determined?
8. Can individuals continue to receive SEDW services after the age of 18?