Intercept 2: Initial Detention & Court Hearing

Empty headPre-Sentencing Alternative

OCHN collaborates with the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office and the 6th Circuit Court, on behalf of individuals with mental health, substance use, and co-occurring disorders who are facing charges, to provide opportunity for diversion into treatment rather than incarceration. Mental health and substance use resources are provided through an on-site Liaison embedded into the Prosecutor's Office by screening, linking, and referring children / adults to service providers. In addition, early diversion opportunities for youth are explored.    

Juvenile Justice Coordination

In partnership with the 6th Circuit Court, a Liaison provides eligibility screenings, crisis intervention services, case consultation, and system navigation to youth, who are at risk of adjudication or already adjudicated. Referrals can be initiated by the youth and their families, community partners, such as Youth Assistance, the court, MDHHS or Children's Village.

Click here to submit a referral:  Youth Mental Health Referral Form (