Intercept 1: Law Enforcement

Pre-Booking Diversion

Pre-Booking Diversion services offer persons diagnosed with a developmental disability, mental illness, or substance use disorder the opportunity to receive treatment within the community instead being charged with a criminal offense for a non-violent misdemeanor. Diversion is accomplished through a comprehensive, county-wide partnership between law enforcement, the public mental health system, advocates, and other stakeholders. On average, 50 pre-booking diversions are initiated per month.   

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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

CIT is a nationally recognized community program that establishes a partnership between law enforcement and mental health professionals. It is strategically designed to promote positive outcomes during crisis situations that require police assistance. During CIT Training, officers receive 40 hours of comprehensive mental health training, which includes information about mental illness and developmental disabilities, opportunities to speak with advocates, individuals with mental illness and their families, and participation in role-playing scenarios.  Since 2015, more than 1,000 (4/1/23) law enforcement officers in Oakland County have received training, including additional training to hone skills in interacting with youth (CIT-Youth) and in corrections.  

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