Voting Resources

Link to Oakland County Voting Information

  • Find information on registering to vote, absentee voting, polling locations, and district maps.

Link to State of Michigan Website

  • Find your local clerk and polling location, as well as watch a video about voting equipment, how to register, and much more.

Link to Oakland County Clerk

  • Register to vote and find your polling location.
  • 1200 N. Telegraph Rd, Bldg. 12 East, Pontiac, MI. 
  • 1-888-350-0900

Link to League of Women Voters in Michigan

  • Educate yourself about important voting issues and learn more about voting.

Link to Sign Petition for Senate Bill 597 & 598

  • Privatization of the mental health system has been proposed by Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey. Senate bills 597 & 598 would privatize all Medicaid mental health services, leading to profit-focused insurance companies having full financial control.

Link to the Map of Michigan Congressional Districts

Link to Oakland County Unofficial Candidate List

Link to Oakland County Unofficial Proposal List