CIT Training

CIT Oakland 40-Hour Training

The CIT Oakland training is a 40-hour comprehensive training provided to law enforcement on mental health. The goal of the training is to teach officers to de-escalate situations where an individual is in crisis. This training is a collaborative effort between Oakland Community Health Network, OCC CREST, local law enforcement agencies, and behavioral health providers. At this time, this training is only open to Oakland County law enforcement agencies. 

Apply here for the CIT 40-hour Training.

Upcoming 2022 Training Dates:

  • July 25-29 @ OCC
  • September 26-30 @ OCHN
  • October 17–21 @ OCC
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CIT-Y 8-Hour Training

The standard CIT training offered to most police officers focuses primarily on response techniques for adults. While there are some general similarities between adults and youth, there are important and unique distinctions that require specialized knowledge and training. CIT-Y trains police officers on response techniques that are appropriate for youth with behavioral health needs. 

Register for CIT-Y Trainings.

Upcoming 2022 Training Dates:

  • TBD - register to add your name to the list to be alerted when new dates are scheduled. 
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CIT Advanced Refresher 8-Hour Training

CIT Oakland is developing a refresher training with advanced scenarios for law enforcement officers who have complete the 40-hour CIT Training more than one year prior.  This training will cover de-escalation strategies, review of civil commitment laws and other legal considerations, as well as updates on local Oakland County resources.

If you are interested in attending this training, click the link below so that we can alert you when the curriculum is released!

Advanced Refresher CIT Training.