Justice Initiatives

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Valuable public mental health services are necessary to ensure that jails do not replace institutions as an acceptable option for non-violent offenders with a mental illness. When alternatives to incarceration are made available to people, repeat experiences in the criminal justice system are avoided and paths to recovery are created.

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  1. Jail Program Services

OCHN provides psychiatry services at the Oakland County Jail for individuals in need of behavioral health interventions. Psychiatric services are available for all individuals who meet criteria while in the custody of the Oakland County Jail. The OCHN Criminal Justice Resource Coordinator working in the jail can help facilitate requests for psychiatry and may be reached at 248-232-6574.

  1. Jail Diversion Services
  1. Juvenile Early Mental Health Identification
  1. Juvenile Justice Coordination
  1. Kevin's Law - Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)
  1. Medication Assisted Treatment
  1. Sequential Intercept Model
  1. Stepping Up Intiative