Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Resources

Direct Support Professionals (DSP) are the heart and soul of quality care for people in need. They help individuals lead more independent and fulfilled lives. Without their support, individuals would have greater challenges in reaching their dreams in life.

Consider becoming a Direct Support Professional  If you want a meaningful career that impacts people, we need you! 

On this page find links to jobs, resources, and information about this fulfilling career. Skill building and training are available. A Direct Support Professional can also be known as a direct caregiver/worker, caregiver, and support person. Learn about being a Direct Support Professional.

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Training Resources

Providers Hiring Direct Support Professionals 

View providers hiring direct support professionals. For more information contact the Oakland Community Health Network Customer Services Department at 800-341-2003.

COVID-19 has greatly impacted the public mental health system and the need for more DSPs. Health care professionals recently affected by hospital layoffs, please consider becoming a DSP to help others.