Group of young adults - Clubhouse

Clubhouses are community-based programs designed to support people diagnosed with a serious mental illness in their communities. Membership is voluntary and people are typically referred to Clubhouse by their case manager. One of the components of clubhouses in the provision of employment support. Clubhouse staff work with Clubhouse "members" to assist them in achieving their goals in the following employment categories.

Transitional Employment (TE) provides members the ability to work in a time-limited position in the community, earn the prevailing wage, and gain valuable skills, so they can find a permanent job at the conclusion of their transitional experience. Supported Employment (SE) and Independent Employment (IE) are both designed to assist members to obtain and maintain permanent employment. SE provides additional support compared to IE, through job coaching and maintaining a relationship with the employer and Clubhouse member.

Local Clubhouses

Community Network Services, Easter Seals Michigan, and Training and Treatment Innovations have all established Clubhouses.

Community Network Services
Easterseals MORC
Training and Treatment Innovations