Marquitta Massey

Director of Quality Improvement and Provider Network Management

Marquitta’s strong analytical skills and vision are key factors in her ability to ensure that Marquitta Webthe highest levels of quality assessments are practiced at Oakland Community  Health Network (OCHN). Additionally, her outstanding professional performance and achievements are highlighted by many organization successes attained during her more than 15 year tenure with the public mental health system.

Marquitta’s career at OCHN began in 1996 as a quality assurance analyst for the Quality Improvement Systems Team. Prior to this time she was a branch manager at PNC Bank for nearly 10 years. In her first role at OCHN, Marquitta was responsible for conducting all phases of survey research, including development, testing, administration, and utilizing statistical methods to analyze data. She also implemented quality improvement programs like Total Quality Management techniques and training.

In 2002, Marquitta was promoted to manager of Quality Management and Audit, overseeing all aspects of OCHN’s external assessment audits. This includes reviews from accrediting bodies; the Michigan Department of Community Health and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid mandate reviews conducted by the Health Services Advisory Group. Under Marquitta’s direction, OCHN has also achieved high performance scores from all external reviews.

In her current capacity as director of Quality Improvement and Provider Network Management, Marquitta offers guidance to the Manager of Due Process and the staff of the Quality Management through effective facilitation, teaching, coordination, problem solving, conflict resolution, and coaching. She is also a member of OCHN’s executive leadership team (ELT). ELT members utilize their industry expertise to determine all policies and practices that impact OCHN’s daily operations and service delivery to people with a mental illness, developmental disability, substance use disorder, or children with serious emotional disturbance.

Marquitta earned her Master of Science Degree from Central Michigan University and her Bachelor of Arts, Economics Degree from Wayne State University. She is also a Dale Carnegie graduate, Leadership Oakland alumni, and member of the Health Care Compliance Association.




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